No to oil exploration, yes to renewable energy

To limit climate change and promote environmental and social justice, oil, gas, and coal need to stay firmly in the ground. In organising the recent oil exploration bloc auctions, the Brazilian government decided to oppose the largest scientific community in the world and is increasingly moving further away from fulfilling what was signed in the Paris agreement.

Abrolhos free of oil

The region of the Marinho National Park is under threat from the pre-salt oil exploration. Brazil's first maritime national park boasts the largest marine biodiversity of Brazil and the South Atlantic. The region is also home to the famous humpback whale season, with humpbacks who choose the warm waters of the Bahian sea for breeding and breastfeeding their young. Abrolhos is considered the largest reproductive nursery of the species in the entire Western South Atlantic.

Save Abrolhos

Under pressure from and other organisations, fossil fuel companies present at the October 10th oil bloc auctions dared not acquire rights to explore oil near the Atlantic's largest marine sanctuary. There is significant environmental and legal risk associated with operating in these regions, even for companies accustomed to exposing communities and natural areas to the risk of serious damage. In the event of an oil leak in Camamu-Almada, the impacts of the ensuing destruction could occur in a matter of hours. Saving Abrolhos is in our hands.
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Oil spillage and the damage it has caused

More than 5,000 tonnes of oil and waste have already been cleaned up on the Brazilian coast. Over 600 areas were affected. Eleven states. Hundreds of marine life species were directly affected. Thousands of families that depend on fishing are affected. Fishing has been prohibited on several beaches. And it doesn't stop there. The damage of the oil spill along the Brazilian coast will be felt for decades. For these reasons, now more than ever, we need to say NO TO OIL EXPLORATION.
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Mapa da Poluição por Petróleo no Litoral Brasileiro 2019

Reunimos as informações e dados referentes aos Municípios, Unidades de Conservação Federais e Localidades em que foram encontradas manchas de óleo. Estamos atualizando diariamente.

Only oil companies profit

Did you know that the exploration of pre-salt oil in Brazil will cause losses worth more than R$ 1 trillion? Yes! The losses caused to states and cities could reach R$ 338 billion. To the federal union, more than R$ 662 billion. This is all due to fiscal exemptions granted to oil companies. The amount of R$ 1 trillion could be invested in clean and renewable energy, which generate far more jobs than fossil fuel exploration.
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